Implications For The Workplace

Workbase programmes with employers like SmithKline Beecham, BAA, Mars, Gillette, Department of Health Opportunity 2000 and United Distillers showed that employers are in danger of creating a marginalised section of employees. Their effectiveness is diminished and ability to progress either within or outside the organisation inhibited, if their training needs are not met. The increasing […]

Improving The Problem

Adopting a non-threatening approach, Workbase forges partnerships with employers and trade unions, where appropriate, working together to introduce learning opportunities to the workplace, and thereby developing a more highly skilled and productive workforce. By linking need identified in a confidential interview as part of a training needs analysis to workplace competences in an encouraging way […]


In order to meet business needs trainers, tutors, mentors need to be multiskilled to cover the range of competences. Programmes are at a time and duration to meet workplace shifts and schedules. Course materials are customised to focus on the workplace language and need. The programmes include: spelling, punctuation and grammarimproving form-fillingimproved reading for workwriting […]

A case study

A family business, Stonebridge Joinery, which manufactures preformed plywood components identified that lack of basic skills was seen to impact directly on the company achieving Investors in People Internetowy Portfel. With help from Workbase, courses to improve staff communication ? spoken and written ? were implemented. These led to improved communication between supervisors and employees, increased […]


Since the dawn of commerce, successful businesses have allocated plenty of resources and top quality management time to developing new products and to making and marketing existing products more efficiently. The effect on profits and thus on shareholder value has usually been positive and, where a current stream of business was involved, has soon manifested […]