In order to meet business needs trainers, tutors, mentors need to be multiskilled to cover the range of competences. Programmes are at a time and duration to meet workplace shifts and schedules. Course materials are customised to focus on the workplace language and need. The programmes include:

spelling, punctuation and grammar
improving form-filling
improved reading for work
writing letters, reports and memos
basic maths and the use of a calculator
IT training including e-mail and the Internet
personal skills ? customer care, effective team working

By improving the basic and key skills including literacy and numeracy of their staff, organisations such as Dover Harbour Board, Serviceteam, BBC World Service, States of Jersey and Kings Healthcare have developed workforces able to:

develop new skills effectively to respond to the needs of their organisation;
understand and embrace change, new technology,
participate in and contribute to the development of their teams and their organisation;
take more personal responsibility for their work;
feel more valued and recognised;
improve quality through reduced errors;
improve the bottom line by less waste, increased productivity, fewer errors,
perform with greater confidence, safely and effectively
and a wider range of activities increase willingness to adapt to change and work more flexibility