Improving The Problem

Adopting a non-threatening approach, Workbase forges partnerships with employers and trade unions, where appropriate, working together to introduce learning opportunities to the workplace, and thereby developing a more highly skilled and productive workforce.

By linking need identified in a confidential interview as part of a training needs analysis to workplace competences in an encouraging way employees are usually willing and interested to participate.

Workbase provides the following options to overcome poor basic skills:

customised and dedicated basic skills courses to meet workplace requirements, language and competences
basic skills linked to functional skills
basic skills as part of a workplace training programme, e.g. quality initiatives, reading and writing
basic skills linked to Key skills and NVQs
one-to-one sessions, drop-in sessions, flexi-centres, Open Learning Centres
As an added incentive to trainees, basic and key skills programmes can be linked to outside accreditation programmes such as City & Guilds.

In addition, Workbase trains trainers within an organisation to ensure ongoing development and continued support for a learning culture in the workplace.